eduTrax offers a variety of products designed to help K-12 schools manage the instructional and learning process, as well as administer and analyze assessments and testing.

Upon learning more about a school system, eduTrax will customize a product or set of products to best provide the solutions to meet the specific, and unique, needs and goals.

Our EIM, assessTrax, and quizTrax solutions also cross multiple years, allowing school systems to track growth and performance trends for a single student, as well as for classroom, school, and district groupings of students.

Edutrax Instructional Management

The EduTrax Instructional Management (EIM) solution is a multi-faceted, web-based application that will assist school districts in developing quality standards-based curriculum, providing classroom-level instructional guides and lesson plans, storing and publishing teaching resources, assessing student knowledge, and analyzing the associated data to steer individual or class instruction as needed.

quizTrax is a classroom test solution designed to provide access to superior, standards-based item content, ease of test creation and administration, and a wide variety of data analysis and reporting options.

When the goal is raising student achievement, quizTrax is the ideal tool.


assessTrax is available to any school district which utilizes benchmark test scores, standardized test scores, surveys, etc., to gauge student performance. eduTrax stores the data, offers analysis options, and produces easily understood reports and graphs suitable for the school district, school, or teacher use.

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