Mark Rettig, President, CEO and Chief Technology Officer

As an early 1980’s graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Mark Rettig entered the public sector as a computer programmer for a metropolitan county government, and quickly advanced into senior supervisory and management roles. A lateral move to the local school district in 1990 brought him into the K-12 education arena as the manager for the district’s programming and computer operations staff. Twenty years of experience with the district in various administrative roles including coordinator and director-level positions have afforded Mr. Rettig a wealth of knowledge in the areas of application and database development, computer operations, and project management.

Mr. Rettig co-founded EduTrax, Incorporated in 2000 with the specific goal of designing and implementing technology-based decision support software for K-12 school systems.  As CEO, he is responsible for strategic issues and overall corporate governance.


Mary Klenc, Director of Software and Application Services

Mrs. Klenc began her career in the public school sector as a programmer and spent 27 years designing and implementing applications in this arena. She completed her K-12 education career as a senior analyst and came to EduTrax in 2001.

As Director of Software and Application Services, her responsibilities include software product development, project implementation, and technical support services.


Dean Busey, Director of User Support Services

Dean has been with EduTrax for over 10 years and has a telecommunications, networking, and support services background. He oversees and directs the Help Desk and Database staff and manages customer implementation and training programs.

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